Hello Angels,

Working out is a perfect way to keep fit and feel good about yoursef. Looking good motivate you and boost your confidence.

You should pay attention to your workout style. This is not only you have to meet your fitness goal, but for motivation.

Some times we need a motivation for work out. When I started to go to gym, I wasn’t feeling motivated. Going to gym was not my favorite thing. I was going for my fitness goal.

I made a research for motivation and changed my gym style. Now, I love work out so much. Always a nice outfit boost your confidence and improve your workout performance.

I am sure that you think that how you look doesn’t have anyhing to do with your experience while working out. According to researches, whatever you wear can motivate you. Here are 5 ways to look good while exercise.

Flatter Your Figure

When you choose work out outfit, be sure to go for something make you feel comfortable in. If you are not sure when you try it on in the store then don’t buy.

The second rule is plan a workout outfit for any other event. Pick clothes that flatter your body shape which show off the parts of your body you proud of.

Push Up Bra

Most sports bra makes your breast look flat like pancake. Push up bras are always better to feel feminine.

When you buy push up sport bra, pay attention to size. Wrong bra size can lead the health problem including back, neck and breast pain.

Natural Makeup

I believe that bare faced is the best way to go when working out.

For a fresh look, you can pick light base tinted moisturiser. If you want  something more, you can choose mineral foundation.

Miniral foundation is good for oily and acne rone skins. It provides coverage without blocking pores.

You can complete your look with mascare and tinted lip balm.

Body Spray

When you go to gym, always bring body spray. Smeling good is an essential thing for everyone.

I I love Victoria’s Secret body sprays so much.

Updo Hair

Updo hair is better for an energetic workout. You can opt for high ponytail or bun.

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