Hello Angels,

Many people think when they over complicate their wardrobe with hard to match items, they will look stylish. Actually elegance lies in simple choices.

In this era, it is easy to accumulate clothes. Many women buy without consider if that fits and flatters. Buying a lot of clothes seem an option to look elegant but if they poorly made or can’t match with your style properly, they will be left alone in the wardrobe.

I love to match trendy pieces with classic items such as trendy shorts with simple t-shirt.

The basic t-shirt is an essential part of wardrobe for man and woman. There are many reasons to love this simple wardrobe piece. The humble t-shirt easily can make a fashion statement. It literally goes with everything.

T-shirt can be worn in many ways and celebrities are a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion.

In today’s post I would like to share ways to look stylish and cool with a simple t-shirt.

  • Tuck it into jeans

T-shirt and jeans is one of the popular and classic combination. Simple and cool. If you prefer to look more stylishi you can tuck your favorite t-shirt into jeans.

  • Pair it with a skirt

The easiest way to look cool and stlyish with t-shirt is pairing it with a skirt. It can be a classic pencil skirt or even tulle skirt. All look great and cool with a t-shirt.

  • Pair it with wide leg jeans and sneakers

Recent years, this combination is very popular. I was often wearing dress but I adore this style and even I wear wide leg jeans with t-shirt and sneakers. It is comfortable, cool and stylish.

  • Add Jewelry

Adding jewelry is super simple way to make simple t-shirt stylish. You can opt chunky necklaces, single or layered chains.

  • Pair it with blazer

You can layer to simple t-shirt with a blazer to spice it up. Especially it is a stylish look for work.

  • Pair it with shorts

T-shirt with shorts is one of my favorite look. You can pair a simple t-shirt with denim shorts or tailored shorts. It looks cool and stylish.

  • Wear it with cardigan and boots

You can opt this style during Spring and Fall. You can complete your look with ballerina flats or ankle boots.

  • Add scarf

It is super easy way to wear tshirt. A great scarf make tshirt look beautiful and cool.

  • Pair it with heels

If you prefer more sexy look, you can opt heels.

How do you wear t-shirt? Let me know it below

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