Hello Angels,

‘Everything in life is vibration’ Albert Einstein

Everything is energy.  We all vibrate in a particolar frequency. The lower frequency brings negativity and  problems. When you raise your vibration, you will attract new realities, new possibilities.


Do some exercise and walk barefood in the nature. Nature has a high vibration and when you spend some time and walking barefood, you become part of ‘earthing’ which allows your body to recevive a charge of positive enery fast.

Be Creative

Use your left brain by creating something. You can draw, design, or have fun with adult coloring book.

Become Conscious Of Your Thoughts

Thoughts and words are energy and eveything you think, feel or say becomes your reality. Every single thought has impact on you.

Watch Something Funny

The more laugh and enjoy yourself increases your vibration.

Be Grateful

Beauty is all around us, yet so often most of the people walk around with their blinkers on. Stop rushing and be grateful surroundings. Love, beauty is in everywhere.


Meditation helps you be in present. Being present raises our energy instantly. The past and the future are only in our mind. Meditating improves mood and calms our nervous.

Think Positive Thoughts

Each thoughts have an energy and you become what you think. Every word, every thought creates your future. If you concentrate on negativity, you will find what you are looking for. Just as appreciation draws more of the same into your life, so too does jealousy. Be aware about what you think because take only 17 seconds for a thought to attract another one like it.

Drink Water

If you want to be clear and have a healthy life, eliminate toxins from your body. Water is the best thing to flush toxins away.

Pay Attention What You Eat

Foods also have an energy and they impact on us. Some foods have higher frequencies like blueberries, some foods don’t have an energy like fast food. When you consume organic, good quality food, you will start to feel high vibrations in your body.

Consume High Vibe Books, Movies and Music

Movies, books and musics have impact on us and it is important to consume positive ones.

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