What sort of person are you? A re you a glass half empty or half full?

The power of positivity sounds cliche, I know but researches show that positive thinking can impact our physical and mental health. A recent researches show that optimistics have a better quality life, higher energy and less illness.  Of course positive thinking won’t make your problems vanish but it will make your problems more manageable.

Can you learn how to think positive?

It is a habit. Of course you can’t be positive thinker in one day but you can train your brand and  replacing negative ones with positive ones will help you become positive thinker.

Simple Steps to a Positivity

Start Every Day With Something Positive

Create a ritual for yourself. I can be reading positive affirmations or listen to positive songs.

Focus on Present

I am talking about present not yesterday not tomorrow, only this exact moment. Focus on this individual moment.

The Power Of Now by Echart Tolle explains benefits of living in present very well. I highly recommend this book.


Studies shows benefits of being grateful.  It will make you focus on the good things. For example, when you get stuck in traffic, think about how you have time to listen your favorite songs and be thankful about it.

Be grateful on the good things, however small.

Strengthen Your Memory For Positive Words

I figured out new thing. Studies show that memorizing lists of positive words force the brain to use positive words constantly, you make these words more accessible and connected in your brain.

When I read this research, I loved it instantly. If you have a difficulty to think positive, you can try this strategy.


The environment has huge effects on success and try to build new habits. Environemt also includes people we spend time with. Have you ever noticed that how someone in a bad mood bring down almost everyone in a room?

The trick is to ensure your environment and spend time with people who inspires you and forces to be positive person.

Identify Negative Thoughts

In order to replace the negaive thoughts with positive thoutught is being aware. You will have to become more aware of your ‘negative thoughts’. When you identify theö, you will able to challenge them with positive ones.


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