Hello Angels,

The best investment you can do is reaching your highest potential. However, this does not happen overnight.

Every person is capable of so much more. Maybe you know what you want to do but is it possible to unlock your potential and create best version of yourself?

Before I dive into the topic, I would like to define what your best version is.

Your best version is who you want to become. What your best version self looks like is entirely up to you. It can be start anywhere, from losing weight to being the best partner you could be.

If you don’t have any idea about ideal self version, you should envision it first. When you have a clear vision of your best version, you will become that person.

Everything you desire is already inside you – you just don’t know how to use it. To use it, you should unlock all your potential. In today’s post, I would like to share tips to unlock your potential.

  • Focus on your strenght

All you need to focus on the stuff you are good at instead of worrying about your weaknesses.

  • Treat failures as step to success

Failures should not be a reason to give uo on your dreams. If you read succesful people’s biographies, you will see that they failed before they become successful. Learn your lesson from your failures and use them as a motivation.

  • Pretend it until you become it

It is one of the easy way to unlock your potential. All you need to fake it until you become it. Envision ideal self and live as if you already become it. We, humans controlled by our thoughts so be careful about your thoughts.

  • Focus on your results

It is easy to be unmotivated when the work is hard. When you feel frustrated, remind yourself of your purpose and it will kepp you focused on the big picture which drive to succeed.

  • Focus on today

It doesn’t matter how yesterday was and future looks like. Don’t get stuck in yesterday or future. Focus on only today. You can’t change past but you can give the present day your best effort.

  • Be Willing

If you want to become your best version, be willing to commit yourself. Too often, people give up to unlocking their full potential. It is easy to wish for success but if you are not willing, you won’t taste success.

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