Hello Angels,

Fashion trends of past are constantly resurgencing. Biker shorts designed to make riding a bike in the 19th century and they became a fashion statement in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Biker shorts are popular again  and they became a summer wardrobe staple. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of biker shorts until this year. After seeing many lovely combinations, I started to like them. They are comfortable and versatile.

Biker shorts can be worn in many places and many occasions such as at gym, at brunch or for shopping.  In today’s post, I would like to share ways to wear them.

  • With sweatshirt

Loose sweatshirt with form fitting booms look cool. You can complete your look with sneakers and jewelry like hoop earrings.

  • With a sports bra

This combination is not for only gym anymore. It can be worn even in daytime. You can complete your look with a blazer, button down shirt or jacket.

  • With a button down shirt

You can have endless way to wear button down shirt with biker shorts. You can tuch the top in, leave some or all buttons undone or tie it at the waist. You can wear simple halter top, sports bra or crop top underneath of the shirt.

  • With a blazer

Biker shorts look sophisticated and professional with blazer. From oversized to tailored fit blazer, you can have a office appropriate look.

  • With a t-shirt and sneakers

This combination is super cool and comfortable.

  • With a crop top

Biker shorts with crop top and sneakers is an amazing fashionable combination for daytime. You can add a sports bra for a gym.

  • With heels

Sneakers seem an ideal footwear for bike shorts. Sometimes unexpected fashion combinations cause stylish look. For example a pair of heels or boots look stylish with bike shorts. You can complete your look with shirt or basic t-shirt.

Do you love biker shorts? If you love them how do you wear them? Let me know it below

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