Hello Angels,

Black jeans is one of my favorite pieces in Fall and Winter. It is one of the timeless pieces and classic wardrobe staple everyone should own. They are versatile. You can wear it in many ways.

In today’s post, I would like to share ways to wear this lovely wardrobe staple.

  • Wear it with white t-shirt and sneakers

If you are not sure what to wear, wearing black jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers always a good idea. White top is classic and stylish contrast to black jeans and goes perfect with classic pair of sneakers.

  • Wear it with an blazer

Black jeans are lovely piece for work. You can wear it with button down shirt or tshirt and complete your look with blazer to add working girl vibe.

  • Wear it with crop top

If the weather is not cold yet, you can opt crop top for a cool look.

  • Wear it with cape

Cape and black jeans combination look stylish and cool. You can wear it during Fall and Spring

  • All black look

From top to shoes wearing black make black jeans extra chic.

  • Wear it  with flowy blouse

If you prefer something more sexy, you can pair the black jeans with flowy blouse.

  • Wear it with turtleneck top

It is a perfect combination for cold days. You will look stylish yet feel warm.

  • Wear it with trench coat

Trench coat is an essentian for Fall. You can create cool look with a pair of black jeans and long trench coat.

  • Wear it with denim jacket

Denim on denim look is timeless and works perfectly with black jeans, too.

  • Wear it with sweatshirt

If you prefer sporty look, you can complete your look with sweatshirt and sneakers or booties.

  • Wear it with sweater

When weather is cold, you can opt sweaters with a pair of black jeans. One of the ebst things about black jeans is you can wear it with any color.

  • Wear it with leather jacket

Wearing with leaher jacket instantly elevate the look.

  • Wear it with tank top

If the weather is not too cold yet, you can wear it with simple tank yop with jacket. It is stylish and cool casual look.

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