Hello Angels,

Body chain is one of the key accessories in summer time. It is timeless, sexy and cool.

Body chain usually rests around the chest, back, waist and hips. It is available in different weights, materials an designs. Everyone can get something that suits them.

Body chains were originally rolled out onto the fashion world to be worn with lingerie,swimsuits and jumpsuits. Today, whether you are wearing a open back or low neckline, you can complete your look with body chain. You can wear it even in under blazer, jackets in your workplace. In formal events and workplace pick something more simple. They come in many styles, such as; choker style, drapey, bra style, thigh high and sparkly.

Many women prefer to wear it in festivals, clubs and beach. With right styling, you can wear it in your daily life.

Body chain can be popular summer accessory but you can als wear in winter time. You don’t need to show it all. You can just show a little glimpse of this sexy jewelry piece.

Body jewelry worn by many popular people like Negin Mirsalehi, Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston.

If you are not sure what to wear a body chain. In today’s post, I would like to share the ways to wear this amazing jewelry.

  • You can wear it on top of your clothes

Body chain generally worn under the clothes but it can also worn on top of the cloth. If your dress covers huge part of your body or have a high neckline, you can wear a body chain on top.

  • Pair it with jumpsuit

If your jumpsuit with plunging neckline, you can wear body chain under the outfit.

  • Wear it with swimsuits

Body chains are fabulous with swimsuits. They add a sparkle to your beach/ pool outfit.

  • Wear it under low cut tops

Body chains are amazing accessory to look sexy. You can wear it under low cut tops.

  • Pair it with bralettes

You can add lovely touch to your bralette with body chain.

  • Wear it under blazer

If you love blazer, you can opt body chain under a blazer.

  • Pair it with crop top

Add glitter to your crop top with body chains

  • Wear it with backless dress/top

Body chains add elegance to backless dress/top.

  • Pair it with basic t-shirt

Basic t shirt may look sexy with body chain. You can wear it on top or underneath of the t-shirt.

  • Pair it with sheer top

You can wear body chain on top or underneath of the sheer top. It look amazing in both ways.

Do you love body chain? How do you wear it? Let me know it below

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