Hello Angels,

How to face this cold winter without giving up style? Did you know this fashionable item has accompanied all the historical evolutions of fashion since the VIII century?

They were common during in medieval Europe, especially the hoody ones. They have periodic returns to fashion – today they are a wardrobe staple and they are permanent.

In past centuries, women were frequently wearing cape. These capes had various of styles such as short (over the shoulders or to the waist) or long ones. Short capes generally were made of fur. Today furs are less accepted in fashion world. In modern world, capes are made of silk, velvet and tulle.

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I adore capes so much and I love to wear them over the dress, jeans and shorts. They instantly elevate casual outfit to stylish. It is a magical garment which adds mystery elegance to any outfit.

I wear cape even in winter time (if the weather is not freezing cold)

There are many ways to wear cape in winter time. It should made in fabrics such as velvet or wool to keep you warm.

Here are the ways to wear it during winter

  • If you wear long dress or skirt, avoid long capes.

  • For a timeless and sophisticated look, opt neutral colors such as black or brown.

  • To add elegance to jeans, you can wear short cape.

  • If the weather is not freezing or if you are going to be indoor, you can wear cape over the tulle sleeve top or shirt.

  • A pair of thigh high boots and cape work perfectly.

  • You can wear cape over little black dress and complete your look with a pair of boots or sneakers.

  • You can opt cape with tailored trousers or shorts.

Do you like cape? How do you wear it? Let me know it below

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