Hello Angels,

Jumpsuits are great alternative to dresses. You can tour  the city by motorcycle  or sit on the grass. Everything has positive and negative sides .Only negative part about jumpsuit is going to bathroom. You literally need to take off the jumpsuit. Especially when you need to bathroom urgently, it may be challenging.

I love jumpsuit so much. It is effortlessly cool. It is especially nice to wear in summer time. Italy is very hot in summer time. Humidity is too high and you prefer something comfortable. Jumpsuit offers one and done outfit. From printed to off the shoulder, there are in many styles and colors.

You can wear jumpsuit in many ways. In today’s post ı would like to share ways to wear this amazing piece.

  • Wear as a swimsuit coverup

Jumpsuit is a great alternative to sundress. It is versatile. You can wear as a swimsuit coverup and join happy hour in the beach.

  • Jumpsuit with wedges

Wedges is one of my favorite pair of shoes in summer time. It is comfortable and elongate the legs. You can pair your favorite jumpsuit with wedges.

  • Jumpsuit with blazer

Some jumpsuits are suitable for office. For a smart looki you can opt to complete your jumpsuit with blazer.

  • Jumpsuit with body chain

Body chain is a really cool accessories. They look sexy and instantly elevate the outfit. You can wear it top or underneath of the jumpsuit for a sexy cool look.

  • Jumpsuit with kimono/cape or blanket shawl

If you wear jumpsuit in Spring time, mornings and nights are chilly and you need a coverup. You can opt tulle cape, blanket shawl or kimono. They create effortlessy cool look.

You can find stylish blanket shawls and handmade tulle capes from here.

  • Jumpsuits with heels and clutch

You can opt this look for date night or lunch.

Do you love jumpsuit? How do you wear it? Let me know it below

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