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Maxi dresses are comfortable and stylish. How to wear maxi dresses in winter time is the topic every women seeks to learn.

Celebrities proved that maxi dresses can be worn even in freezing days. There are many maxi dresses in heavy fabrics and layering options.

Hre are the most stylish ways to wear maxi dresses in winter.

  • With an leather jacket

If the weather is not very cold, you can wear maxi dress with a leather jacket. It flatters the body and create effortlessly cool look. You can complete your look with a pair of ankle boots or sneakers.

  • With turtlenecks

You can wear turtleneck under or on top of the maxi dress. If you are going to wear on top, be sure the lenght of the top is not too long or too short.

  • With chunky sweater

You can wear chunky sweater on topp of the maxi dress for comfy look and keep yourself warm.

  • Wear with pantyhose

Wear tights underneath of the dress to keep yourself warm.

  • Wear with ballerina flats

Ballerina flats are timeless and elegant. They look amazing with maxi dresses.

  • With blazer

Blazer is a casual smart piece. You can complete your look with huge scarf.

  • With knee high boots

If your maxi dress features side slits, sow of your knee high boots.

  • With long coat

Velvet maxi dresses are popular as a cocktail dress. You can wear it with wool long coat and heels.

  • With belt

Dress with belt creates flattering and feminine look. You can wear your favorite maxi dress with belt and complete your look with boots.

  • With faux fur coat

Faux furs are cozy and comfortable. Maxi dress with faux fur coat is a lovely look for freezing winter.

What is your favorite way to wear maxi dress in winter time? Let me know it below

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