Hello Angels,

Red is a sexy and powerful color. It brights up any outfit. According to studies, red provokes the strongest emotions of any color.

According to an another study, people who wears red feel more attractive and sexy.

Every color represents emotions and they subconsciously forward messages.

Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of red color and I didn’t add red outfits into my wardrobe until university.

I love to wear red for years and makes me feel good.

On my online store, red clothes are sold motre that other colors. Sometimes, I sell a few colors of the same dress and the red one is sold first.

You can wear this sexy color in formal events, casual outing even in your first date. I know wearing red in your first date sounds bold but you can pair your favorite red top or dress with neutral colors for a formal look.

Ways to wear red

  • Pairing with black, white or nude for work or formal occasion.

  • Red dresses are sexy and feminine. You can wear it with black leggings in winter to create classy look.

  • Jumpsuits are popular for years and you can opt red jumpsuit. You can pair it with black, white or nude shoes.

  • In fall and winter time, you can opt outewear in red. It can be red coat, sweatshirt, etc…

  • If wearing red seems bold to you, you can opt red accessories such as bag, scarf, headband, hat, etc..

  • If your outfit is neutral colored or plain, you can spice it up by wearing a pair of red shoes.

  • You can add something red into your outfit even with your red nails or lipstick.

You can pair it red with;

  • Blue to create a contrast

  • Pink to create a trendy look

  • Gray for soft and flattering look.

What colors do you like to wear red with? Let me know it below

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