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‘On Wednesdays, we wear pink’ Karen Smith

Who can forget Mean Girls movie and its quotes. For those who haven’t seen Mean Girls, allow me to explain why pink color is important. It all stems from a scene the movie where The Plastics (a group of high school girls) make it a rule that on Wednesdays they must wear pink.

Pink and its tones are universally flattering and romantic colors. I often prefer neutral colors but in Spring and Summer time pink and its tones are one of favorirte colors to wear. Whether its fuchia, bubblegum or strawberry, all shade of pink looks amazing. However, for some, wearing pink is intimading because they scared to look girly than sophisticated.

There are plenty of ways to wear it in a stylish way whether you pick pastel shade or bright pink. In today’s post, I would like to share the ways to wear pink and its tones.

  • Pink Makeup

If you are hesitant to wear something pink, you can start with your makeup. You can add pink into your makeup look instead of your outfit. You can opt pink eyeliner, liptstick, etc.

If you prefer something more bold you can opt all pink makeup. All pink makeup looks cute and flattering. Keep all of your pink makeup within shades of pink to create a put together finish that doesn’t look exaggerated.

  • Right pink shade

Pink has many shades. Make sure that the shade of pink flatters your body shape and skin tone.

  • Blend neutral and pink pieces together

Pink can be overwhelming color. To prevent creating a look Barbie you can add some neutrals into your pink outfit.

Pink goes perfectly with any shade of neutral. Black, white and tan are all great choices for neutrals.

  • Patterned pink pieces.

Solid pink pieces can be challenging. If you not sure how to balance your pink look, you can wear primarily pink pattern.

  • Wear pink as outerwear

If pink color isn’t your thing, ease into it with statement pieces such as coat. You can opt pink accessories instead of outfit. It can be bag or shoes.

  • Mix shades of pink

You can later shades of pink such as pale pink with fuchsia. Light shades of pink softens the look and the bright shades of pink highlight.

Do you like to wear pink? If you wear it, how do you style it? Let me know it below

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