Hello Angels,

Stay warm and stylish  in shorts during Fall with these tips.

Just because we are in Fall doesn’t mean that we have to leave our shorts in the dust.

When Fall arrives, people stock up the best sweaters. I love shorts so much and I never give up on them even in winter time. I always style them season approppriate and wear them all year long. They always keep me warm and comfortable.

Dont worry, when it comes to styling well, they can be worn during fall and winter. You need only seasonal approach to your shorts. You can pair them with many ways. I can assure that you will stay warm while look impossibly chic.

If you wondering what type of shorts can be worn in fall, then my personal answer is shorts in thicker fabrics such as mix of wool, denim or can be leather. No mather if they are light colored or dark colored.

If the weather is freezing in your city, tights are must have. Recent years, there are amazing printed tights to wear. They are the fall’s best accessory for me. Some printed tights adds fun some of them adds coolness. You can pair them with shorts.

In today’s post, I would like to share styling tips to wear shorts during cold weather.

You can pair it with;

  •  A chunky sweater

  • Over the knee boots

  • Leather jacket

  • T-Shirt and blazer

  • Oversized turtle neck top

  • Oversized cardigan

  •  Silk blouse and sneakers

  • Bodysuit and Blazer

  • A oversized button down

  • Ankle boot

  • Ballerina flats

Do you wear shorts in the streets while it’s fall/winter? What are your personal styling tips? Let me know it below

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