Hello Angels,

Jeans and T-shirt are the classic for a reason. If there is one look what make us look effortless cool,  it is a combination of jeans and t-shirt.

Not just because they are comfortable. The simplicity makes pair of jeans and t-shirt one of the most versatile outfits. It allows you to go from a day at the park to dinner with just a few accessories changes.

First step is finding the right jeans. Everybody has different body type and every type jeans is not suitable for everyone.

In today’s post I would like to share tips to wear jeans and t-shirt.

  • With a trench coat

In spring and fall seasons weather is transitional. You should always ready for this weather change. Trench coat is one of the stylish option. This timeless piece goes perfect with any pair of jeans.

  • Tuck in your t-shirt

It sounds simple but simplicity is always the best. Give the look an update by tucking in the top and adding a pair of chic heels.

  • With an eyeliner and red lip

Makeup and hairstyle has a huge power on outfit. Eyeliner and red lip is a classic makeup tip and goes perfectly with almost any outfit.

  • With a blazer

The t-shirt, jeans and blzer outfit formula is perfect for stylish casual look.

  • With a leather jacket

A classic leather jacket is wardrobe style. You can complete your look with heels or ballerina flats.

  • With knee high boots

These boots automatically make any outfit sexy. Skinny jeans are the perfect sillhouette for these boots.

  • Accessorize

A right accessories make any outfit stylish. You can opt earrings, necklace,sunglasses or earrings. In winter time you can opt scarf. The key for a right styling is keeping accessories minimal.

What is your favorite way to wear t-shirt and jeans? Let me know it below

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