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Tailored trousers are  wardrobe essential. Every women should have at least one pair of tailored trousers. They are smart, timeless and versatile. Some tailored trousers look formal which seem convenient to wear in workplace and business dinner rather than casual meet up with friends.

You can wear them cool and relaxed way without looking serious. In today’s post I would like to share ways to wear tailored trousers for daily life.

  • Crop top + Tailored Trousers

Crop top is perfect way to reduce it is business wear feel. They look cute and cool

  • Halter top + tailored trousers

Halter top is an another option to reduce it is serious look. Pick something in solid color such as black or brown.

  • Pay attention to cut

From wide legs to straight there are many types of tailored trousers. Also make sure you have correct hem. You shouldn’t have excess fabric at the bottom and hemlinw should bw suitable to wear with flats and heels.

  • Colored tailored trousers

In Spring and Summer time, you can opt colorful ones . They look cute and don’t have business outfit look.

  • Corset + Tailored Trousers

This combination is perfect to create sexy and sophisticated look.

  • Cami Top + Tailored Trousers

Cami top is lovely and stylish. You can also opt the lace ones.

  • Off The Shoulder Top + Tailored Trousers

Off the shoulder top is lovely piece for Spring and Summer. You can wear it with tailored trousers for a casual yet stylish look. You can complete your look with a piar of heels for formal occasions.

  • Tailored Trousers + Sneakers

You canw wear tailored trousers for a casual cool look.

  • Lace top + Tailored Trousers

You can wear with lace top and a pair of heels for a sophisticated classy look.

How do you wear tailored trousers? Let me know it below

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