Hello Angels,

All brides know that wedding photo should be  wedding planning priorities. The wedding day is filled with countless magical moments and these should be captured in photographs. These photos clue of you and your husband’s love to each other and they are an amazing inspiration for your children and grandchildren.

Every bride should have a wedding photo checklist? I know what you are thinking right now ‘ Do I really need this?

The answer is yes. First you shoud find a professional photographer for your special day. I recommend you make a lot of research about that because they are so many photographers and their portfolio seem nice. Later they give you horrible photoshoot.

Once, I had a photoshoot for my website and I worked with a professional photographer. His portfolio was nice but when he did a photoshoot session to me,the result was horrible.

Figure out the style of photography you want, prepare your wedding photo checkist and interview the photographers. Later, schedule a test run. An engagement photoshoot is a good opportunity to get to know your photographer. A photographer should inspire you.

Wedding photos are important part of your special day. Those time of irritating photographers telling us how to pose are gone.

Here is the example of wedding photography list

  • Invitation

  • Wedding dress/ bridal shoes and accessories

  • Bridal Bouquet

  • Wedding ring

  • Bouqet, boutonnieres

  • Bride’s getting hair and makeup

  • Putting on shoes

  • Putting on jewelry

  • Close up dress, veil and jewelry

  • Bridal Portrait

  • Groom getting ready

  • Family shots

  • Mother and bride/groom

  • Father and bride/groom

  • Couple’s first look

  • The married couple’s first kiss

  • Signing the register

  • Couple with guests

  • The ceremony venue

  • Details and venue decoration including table settings

  • Wedding cake

  • Cake cutting

  • The first dance

  • Confetti throwing

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