Hello Angels,

Yesterday Prince Harry’s wedding inspired me to do research about wedding traditions. It made me realize that I don’t know anything about wedding traditions and superstitions in Italy. That’s why I asked the Italians about wedding. The wedding tradions are vary from region to region.

Especially single girls (like me) are curious about this things because in future they want to add or remove some of this experiences.

I am the one who believes some of the superstitions. There are not related to reason or scientific basis. Some people find funny this things but I can’t remove some of the superstitions in my life. I would like to share with you my research results about wedding tradions and superstitions in Italy

  • The Wedding Dress

All guests should avoid wearing white at the wedding. I think this one is traditional all over the world.

  • Bomboniere

Bomboniere is candies (bonbons). It includes Jordan almond (confetti). Five sugared almonds symbolize happiness, health, fertility, long life and wealth. It has given to guests to thank them for their attendance. It usually contains printed ribbon and present.

  • The Bouquet

The bouquet is groom’s job to supply. It is a final gift to his girlfriend before she becomes his wife. The wife to be can choose the floral arrengement but groom must pay for it.

  • Wedding Date

Italians choose to marry on sunday because sunday is luckiest day to marry for prosperity and fertillity in the marriage.

  • Rice After The Ceremony

Before newlyweds are leaving the church, rice is showered on them by their guests. It symbolizes fertility.

  • La Serenata

I think this one is very cute and romantic.

The groom and his men must come to under the window of the bride for serenade. This is supposed to be night before the wedding.   The groom serenades to bride and her family for show his love and his desire to marry her.

My favouite wedding tradition is la serenata.

What is your favorite wedding tradition? What are your wedding traditions in your country?

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