Hello Angels,

New year means new trends which includes wellness trends. After pandemic, health and wellness became a priority.

Just like  fashion, trends in the health and wellness industry change. These trends can be helpful to motivate you for exercise and take care yourself.

Even fitness is a part of your routine, time to time some little changes can be better for motivation and try new things.

Especially in new year time, many people prepapre resolutions ehich includes be fit. If you are looking forward to start adapy your new year resolution into your routine, here are wellness and health trends can be helpful.

Here are 2023 trends.

  • Low intensity workouts

Walking and yoga were the popular exercise during pandemic when gyms were suspended. People saw importance of low intensity workouts (which includes me). It makes you flexible and strong.

Even I go to gym five days a week, low intensity workout is part of my gym routine. At least last 20 minutes, I do some of them.

  • Digital detox

Many people take social media breaks at least one day in a week and they find very relaxing. For this reason, digital detox make one of the 2023 wellness trends.

  • Working out with group

Especially last year, I saw many people on the gym and outdoor who workout as a group. I think this is one of the 2023 trends because many people motivated during workout with a crowd.

  • Home workouts

Home workouts are popular since pandemic. There are a lot of lovely workout videos on Youtibe which makes working out at home promising and comfortable in your own space.

  • Boutique fitness studios

Since last year, I see many boutique fitness studios in Rome. They are more popular than gyms because you can workout with trainer alone on the studio or attend class (only a few people can attend).

  • Mental health

In pandemic time, mental health became a priority. In 2023, people will continue to focus on their mental health and well being.

  • Self care routines

Self care routines are popular for years and this year will be continue to trend. They are good for our bodu and mental health.

  • Tabata training

Tabata training is a high intensity interval training method. It is popular for years and will be continue in this year.

  • Wearable technology

Wearable technology such as smart watch  will continue to rise this year.

  • Fitness cocktails

This year non alcoholic fitness cocktails will be very popular.

What is your favorite 2023 wellness and health trend ? Let me know it below

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