Hello Angels,

After Covid, wellbeing became more important than ever. The pandemic created new habits in people’s everyday lives.

I love to learn new things about wellness and I read many articles about 2022 wellness trends. With the beginning of new year, people are looking for healthy habits/routines that can make them feel better.

In today’s post, I would like to share 2022 welness trends.

  • Feeling good at home

Feeling good at home is really important right now. Since 2020, millions of people around the world spend so much time there.

According to Pinterest, users have been searching for interior ideas.

It seems welness extends to spirituality too because questions such as how to raise your vibration searched up highly on Pinterest.

  • International Cuisine

International travel limited since 2020 but people didn’t lose their taste for different culture. Many internet users are willing to try different cuisines such as Russian and South African recipes.

  • Gut Health

After Covid, many people started to take care their health more. Taking care of gut became popular.

Gut health refer digestive system. Our gut digests food and gets rid of waste products.

You can start to add foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits and wholefoods.

  • Reducing Stress

Stress cause many physical and mental problems including digestive problems.

It is difficult to prevent stress but there are many ways to manage it. According to doctors, writing it down is one of the way to track our stress level.

Spending time in nature and exercise are an also some of the ways to reduce stress level.

  • Pay attention to our immune system

Boosting immune system is one of the popular wellness topic right now. Our immune system influenced by many factors but making small changes can give our body good immune system. Such as sleeping well and healthy diet.

  • Outdoor Fitness

Even gyms are open now, many people avoid to continue to go to gym because of the crowded. That’s why outdoor exercises are very popular right now and it seems that it will continue to be popular this year.

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