Hello Angels,

First date is exciting. Many women gets nervous for date night when it comes to pick perfect outfit.

First date is all about first impression. Fashion is a unverbal of communication. Not only your clothes but your nail polish, hair and makeup will show off your personal style and character. Your outfit and beauty style should look like yourself. You wouldn’t like to send unintetional messages.

In first date, beauty and clothes require consideration. Your outfit should be comfortable and stylish without revealing too much.

In today’s post, I would like to share things are too sexy for first date.

  • Avoid overly tight and revealing clothes

A modesty is better for first date. You can flatter your best features without wearing too tight or revealing clothes.

  • Avoid super high heels and knee high boots

Your priority should be comfort. If you don’t want to send too sexy vibes in first date, you should wear something comfortable yet sexy.

  • Avoid sheer

Sheer clothes are feminine and sexy. I personally love to wear them but they are not suitable for first date.

  • Avoid fishnet stockings

Your stockings should be in darker shades to look elegant and modest in first date. Fishnet stockings may send wrong signals.

  • Applying to much makeup

Some makeup looks are very sexy such as bright red lipstick. I adore red lipstick and winged eyeliner makeup look but this can be too sexy for first date.

Opt soft colors and natural makeup looks for first date.

  • Dress or skirt with slit

Dress or skirt with slit can be worn but slit shouldn’t be thigh high because it is too sexy for first date.

You should opt to wear moderate slit.

What do you think is too sexy for first date? Let me know it below

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