It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s rainy.

Spring is officially here and brings warmer days but it also comes with unpredictable weather. Mornings are cold and afternoons are 20 degrees and cold again at night? Once it starts to warm up, you want to pack away your winter outfits which seems difficult in this situation.

The trick is mix and match for a stylish spring outfit. Of course I am not talking about to wearing chunky knitwear in spring time. You can pack away it 🙂

The key is wearing more lightweight fabrics like cotton and versatile pieces.

Here are my top style tips on what to wear for unpredictable spring.


You can wear silk scarves . My favorite silk scarf is Love in Rome Boutique’s handmade Silk Dream scarf. It is a blanket silk scarf which is easy to combine with dresses, top and jeans even you can combine with tulle skirt.

Silk scarf

Dress in Layers

Spring means changeable weather so be ready for whatever nature brings your way. Always bring a cardigan, light jacket and sweater.

My favorite pieces are Love in Rome Boutique’s handmade Only White Chiffon Cape . There are easy to combine with skirts, dresses and jeans also they look chic.

White Cape

Leather Jacket

After the perfect pair of jeans and elegant black dress, every woman should have leather jacket in their closet. It gives a bit of rock inspired edge and useful when you need a coat, but the most important thing is look fashionable. You can wear with dresses, jeans and shorts.

Cropped Jeans

A perfect cropped jeans are chic and classy. Especially It is perfect for a night out.

Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder tops are perfect match especially with jeans. They look chic and classy.

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket is a wardrobe classic. Every women should have at least one classic denim jacket. It is a perfect cover up for spring.

If you want a little bit more casual and different denim jacket, I recommend my Autumn in Rome Denim jacket which is ribbon denim jacket. It is nice to combine with shorts, jeans and dresses.

Denim Jacket


I love bodysuits very much. The best part is they are wearable any season on any body type.

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