Hello Angels,

Today I would like to talk about what to wear in Lisbon.

Packing a suitcase is enjoyable activity for some people for others is boring. You should learn how to pack a suitcase the smart way, if  you don’t you can pay overweight baggage fee or forget your things.

I love to packing a suitcase spring-summer time because clothes and shoes are lighter. In winter time, I have to put boots and coats and they take a lot of space.

Before you pack, check the weather of the destination you will visit to. Then prepare packing list to keep organized.

I always pick out what I need and I put maximum two extra clothes in case something happens (like pour something) Today, I am going to share packing tips for Lisbon.

What to Wear in Lisbon in Spring

With its incredible climate and beautiful views to take in, Lisbon is very popular. If you haven’t been in Lisbon yet, you must. It is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. Other European Capitals like Rome and Paris.

Lisbon is warm in spring but like many European cities like Rome in spring, there is always a possibility of rain.

  • You are going to holiday so you can wear casual outfits. My first option is dress but you can wear trousers, jeans or shorts. If you opt for smart casual look with nice shoes, you will not have a outfit problem for day and night.

  • Lisbon’s terrain is covered in cobblestones like Rome so pack flat shoes. Of course you can wear heels but you should buy heel protector (You can find on Amazon)

  • You should bring a shawl. It is a great accessory and if you decide to visit a religious attraction, you should cover up.

  • The sun is bright in Lisbon so take your sunglasses.

  • Spring mornings and nights are chilly so bring a leather jacket. Leather jacket is stylish and nice garment to complete the outfit.

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