Heading to Rome in Spring and wondering what to pack? What will be weather like? I will share my tips in this post.

Keep reading this post and find out what to wear in Rome in spring to be stylish and comfortable.

Deciding what to wear in Rome in spring is not easy. Because weather changes quickly.

If you are going to visit churches and Vatican, you should pay attention to some dress code.

Should you visit Rome in Spring time?

My answer is yes. Spring is one of the best season to visit Rome. The temperature is perfect for visit to outdoor places such as Colosseum. Outdoor terraces serve ‘aperitivo’ a small pre meal accompanied by an alcohol.

Some of the museums tend to have longer opening hours. For example, you can visit Colosseum and Vatican in evening time. It is a really nice experience and I highly recommend it.

What colors to wear in Rome in spring time?

Dress yourself for the season by adding some color. At this time go for something lilacs, yellow or blue. Pastels are always convenient for spring fashion.

Spring is all about color but you should also go for neutral colors to match things with.

Neutral colors include brown, beige, gray and nude.

Add something white for your spring Rome outfit. For example white jeans or white sweater is perfect choice.

Rules for churches

If you want to visit churches ,you should pay attention to your dress/skirt lenght. You need to follow some rules.

In religious places and in Vatican, make sure your dress/ skirt lenght is below the knee.

What to pack for Rome in Spring?

A Scarf

A scarf is must have garment in Rome in all seasons. It is an useful piece to protect you from sudden rain and it is an item women love and a fashion statement in Italy.

I especially prefer the giant ones and love to wear with dresses and tops. The spring time weather is very changeable and keeps me warm during chilly weather.

Cardigan / Leather Jacket

You should dress in later because spring means changing temperature. Always bring cardigan, denim jacket or leather jacket – it is always easy to take off when you feel hot.


Jeans are easy to combine. You can wear with short sleeve shirts or stylish tops. Especially white jeans are stylish in spring.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are essential on any trip but in Rome It is more important to have the right shoes because of the cobbled streets.

If you really want to wear high heels, you can use heel protector. You can the product in Amazon’s Website ( Here is the link of the product)

You can wear sneakers or ballerinas. I generally prefer ballerinas. You can pair with almost every outfit.


Dresses are very comfortable but fabric and legth is very important in Rome. As I mentioned before, If you want to visit churches, you should pay attention to lenght.

The increasing heat means lighter fabrics such as cotton, chiffon and linen.


Italian women love accessories so much and a pair of sunglasses change look completely. It immediately give a touch of class.

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