The summer season is almost started which means that holiday season is around the corner. Rome is one of the most popular and magical city in the world.

Summer season can be difficult ( especially august) because weather is really hot. If you don’t choose proper outfits for your trip, life becomes harder. For example I am the one who feels hot even in winter season. That’s why I generally choose short sleeve tops and dresses.

Holidays are better in summertime because packing is easier than winter. You can bring more clothes without thinking to luggage weight restriction.

Here are some tips for packing for Roman holiday.


  • Light Color Clothes

I personally don’t like to wear light colors for long hours in holiday even in summer time. Because clothes in light color (especially white) becomes dirty easily.

  • Layers

I know this sounds funny. Especially If you know summers in Rome but if you think to visit to religious places like Vatican, you have to wear modest clothes, which can be difficult. For this reason, you should store shawl or thin jacket in your purse, so you can cover your knees than you can throw it on.

  • Only Dress

Traveling for five days? Pack eight dresses.

You should have a replacement dress. You can spill wine or you can sweat in the hot weather.

Dresses are the best ,sleeveless styles are most comfortable for the holidays. I don’t prefer jeans so much especially in summer times. Because It sticks to your legs and when you are at outside, your legs feel warmer.

Length of the dress is also important. Maxi dresses are very comfortable but walking around can be difficult because of the lenght. You should choose right lenght for your holiday.

You can check our holiday dress collection for ideas

  • Shoes

Walking in Rome is not a easy job because of the cobblestone streets.

When I first moved to Rome, I didn’t know cobblestones are a problem for shoes. In my first days in Rome, I had a favorite high heel shoes. It was like a treasure for me 🙂 One day I had a appartment appointment in Trastevere (which is a cobblestone neighbourhood) and without knowledge, I wore my favourite shoes.

I arrived to apartment and my shoes were ruined. I threw in trash directly. If you are a high heel shoe lover, you should buy heel protector in Amazon website.

You can bring flat shoes like sandals, ballerinas but even flat shoes can ruined because of the streets. For this reason, don’t bring your favorite shoes even you bring be careful.

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