Hello Angels,

We are in last month of summer. It is time to create some free time and go out. Going out is also a perfect opportunity wear the most stylish summer outfits.

Summer is a short season. Why don’t you create new stylish combinations and go out? It is also sales time so you can do some shopping and add something new into your wardrobe.

 As you know me, I often prefer dresses. August is usually hottest month in Rome. During the hot august, dressing in a comfortable yet stylish way can be challenging. One stylish yet comfortable dress and sandals are perfect outfit for go out.

Normally Rome is full of tourists in August but this year streets and stores are empty. Some places are closed now due to summer holiday. Many people prefer to go to holiday or their summer house. This year I don’t have a holiday plan. I prefer to stay at home, in Rome because of the virus. I prefer to discover new stores, bars and restaurants.

Discovering new places means a lot of walk. That’s why I often prefer a sylish yet comfortable dress and a nice flat shoes.

I picked four different outfits from my online store. They are nice for daily life and some events like dinner night. They are versatile so the key is right styling. You can complete your look with heels, flats and accessories such as a nice earrings or a bracelet.

Handmade Love Potion Dress

Handmade Flora Dress

Handmade Capri Dreams

Handmade Honey Honey Dress

How do you spend your summer? Do you have a holiday plan? Which Love in Rome Boutique dress do you prefer for summer? How do you style it? Let me know below

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