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If you are going to visit Rome, probably you will visit for beautiful major historical attractions including churches and Vatican. These places have a dress code and you have to apply it.

Millions of people visit cathedrals, churches and Vatican every year in Rome. Even though they are major touristic attraction for people of all nationalities, they have some rules to follow. Hundreds of people are sent back out because of the dress code. The key is keep yourself covered (especially in Vatican).

If you are planning to visit these holy places, you should plan your outfits.

In hot summer, it is impossible to wear something covers the shoulder or legs. Actually the solution is very simple; a shawl.

Dress Code

What are the actual rules about what you CAN’T wear for visiting churches? These are prohibited to wear:

  • Shorts/ dresses/ skirts above the knee

  • Sleveless tops

These rules are apply to both men and women. The essential comes down to ensure that your shoulders and knees are covered.

What to Wear

  • Over the knee dresses and skirts

These are very comfortable and acceptable in Vatican and churches.

  • A shawl

You can cover your cleavage or legs if you are wearing a low cut top or dress/skirt a little bit above the knee.

  • Blouses or shirt that cover the shoulder

Skip the tank tops and spaghetti straps and be sure to wear top with sleeve. If your top is with straps, bring a shawl or cardigan to wear inside.

  • Flat shoes

It is not banned but I don’t recommend casual shoes or flipflops in holy places. I also don’t recommend to wear high heels but ballerina flats a are the best option for these places. They are comfortable and stylish.

What do you prefer to wear in church or in Vatican?

Let me know below

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