Hello Angels,

The profession of a fashion designer is followed by myths. I studied fashion design at university and I have an online store for years. Through the years, I received many questions about this field. Many people have an interest in fashion but most of them hesitate to study and have a career because of these myths.

Some of the myths are;

  • You have to be creative to be a succesful fashion designer

Designers get inspired through art, cinema, magazines, etc. We are not extremely creative. All you need to have a passion for fashion.

  • You need to be able to sketch

It depends. If you are going to study at university, drawing requires.

The university I studied was giving drawing lessons for the beginner level but it was still very difficult for someone who did not draw properly in her life.

If you not going to coure or university, you can use computer programs to develop a sketch.

  • You need to sew

Also it depends. As I mentioned before, if you are going to study at university, you need to sew.

Even my university did not expect us to know these skills ( because they were teaching from the beginning), it was extremely hard.

You don’t have to sew when you become fashion designer.

Before I started to university, everyone said different things. My university advisor suggested me to study fashion stylist instead of fashion design.

If I want to do something, I don’t listen to anyone’s suggestions. I prefer to follow my own instict.

Studying fashion design is very hard but if you are passionate about it, give a try.

I had very difficult times at university but I would regret if I studied fashion stylist as the counselor suggested.

Time to time, I thought to drop it but when I asked myself what I want to study, my heart always said fashion design. Because studying fashion design was my dream.

You don’t become a fashion designer overnight. You need to:

  • Get inspired

  • Sketch your ideas

  • Build your collection

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