Hello Angels,

Today I picked a handmade Carrie tulle skirt for a Sex and the City tv show lovers.

I think everyone who watched Sex and The City remember Carrie’s white tulle skirt from the show’s opening credits. Women the world over wanted to buy Carrie’s tulle skirt since 1998’s. My handmade Carrie tulle skirt is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw.

She was taking fashion risks and she was picking romantic, bold outfits.

Even today, many women still hesitate to wear tulle skirt. According to some women tulle skirts belong to only ballerinas and children.

Until three, four years ago I also had  a same hesitation. I wanted to add tulle skirt in my wardrobe but I wasn’t sure to wear at streets. Before I start my online business, tulle skirts started to become very popular. I wanted to buy for myself but I couldn’t find the suitable one for me.

Quality of fabric is very important. An amazing dress can be ruined by a cheap fabric. There are so many tulle skirts right now but some of them’s fabric is in poor quality.

My mother encouraged me about tulle skirt and thanks to her I designed for myself and for my online store. Many people wrote really amazing things about my designs and I am really glad to hear it.

If you love tulle skirts but have a hesitation, first make a research on Pinterest and Instagram. There are an amazing source for inspiration.

Handmade Carrie tulle skirt is very easy to style it. It is a white so you can pick any color you want. If  you want some comfort, you pair it with flat ballerinas but If you want more glamorous look, you can pair it with heels.

I highly recommend this skirt

What do you think about stylish casual outfits ? How would you style handmade Carrie tulle skirt? Where would you wear it? Shop my pick and share your favorite looks on Instagram        @loveinromeboutique with #loveinromeboutique

Let me know your thoughts

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