Hello Angels,

As you know me, I love to read and share everything about wedding. Recent days, I realized that bridal bouquet is as important as wedding dress. It is usually prepared according to the new season’s trend but some brides prefer traditional bouquets.

When I read many guides about bridal bouquets, I started to wonder meaning of bridal bouquet. Why brides carry it? What should we do with the bouquet after the wedding?

Today I would like to share from history to meaning of bridal bouquet.

Where did the tradition originate?

The tradition of bridal bouquet dates to antiquity.  Egyptians, Ancient Romans and Greeks were carrying fragrant herbs such as dill to avoid bad luck during the weddingDill also served as an aphrodisiac during the wedding dinner. The bridal bouquet represents happiness, fertility and fidelity.

In past, white flowers were popular and brides were communicating their sentiments through floral choices. You probably know thar rose represents love. Each color has diferent meaning. Such as;

  • White – Innocence

  • Red – Love

  • Burgundy – Lust

This tradition faded now, brides prefer flowers based on new season’s trends, beauty and color.

Another reason why brides were carrying in ancient times because of the scent of flower which was masking their body odor ( back when bathing wasn’t popular).

Today the bouquet’s main purpose is to be a accessory. It keeps bride’s hand busy in an aestic way.

The Tradition Of Tossing the Bouquet

It began in Middle Ages. In Medieval Europe , tear pieces from the bride’s belongings such as wedding dress and boquet in the hopes that her good luck will pass on them. Brides used to throw either the garter or bouquet. Today, the bouquet toss means that the single lady who catches it is the next to be wedded.

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