‘A tulle skirt is always a good idea’

Even if you never watched Sex And The City properly, only tuning into the odd episode, you would instantly recognize Carrie Bradshaw’s tulle skirt. As the look from the show’s opening credits, women all over the world have wanted to buy Carrie’s tulle skirt since the show aired in 1998.

Still there are many women who hesitate to wear tulle skirt because they think tulle skirts are fancy and they must have a life like Carrie Brawdshaw.

The original Carrie Bradshaw tulle skirt was designed bu Patricia Field. Since this is classic, I made Bradshaw inspired tulle skirt collection for myself and for tulle skirt lover ladies. ( You can check it out my collection from here)

The collection is handmade and limited edition but the most important thing is I created this collection with love.  I chose the best quality of materials. There are two most important thing in fashion, one of them is quality and the other one is sewing.

I believe that everyone should try it at least once. We only have one lifetime to dress up and we shouldn’t wait for the occasion to wear some certain clothes.

I know you may be wondering where would I wear a tulle skirt and why should I have a tulle skirt?

Why every woman should have tulle skirt because they are one of the most glamorous garment and nothing quite like a tulle skirt to make you feel like a fairytale princess.

Every women should have a glamorous piece in their wardrobe and they always should feel like a princess.

Even though tulle skirts are fancy by nature, they are incredible versatile pieces so they are no longer for formal events. It is all about the matter of style and the look is depends on your choice of accessories. All you need is some creative mixing and a fashion eye.

 If you wear with high heels, you will be more femine but if you wear with a pair of ballet flats, you will be like ballerina which is very sweet.

There are hundreds of ways to wear the tulle skirt and you need to try ways to wear for finding your style.

You can read my 4 ways to wear tulle skirt in Rome for an idea.