Ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw walk on the New York street in a white tulle ballerina skirt, I wanted to have a tulle skirt but until a few years ago, I hesitated to wear tulle skirt on my daily life because of bold look.

When I started to study fashion design, I realized that you can create your own look which is better because you can show your own fashion sense without care anyone.

The best part about tulle skirt is versatile. You can combine in many ways. Also there are different types of tulle skirts from mini to maxi.

I have searched perfect tulle skirt for myself but I couldn’t find it. After I realized that I love many different types and colors of tulle. Because I love to wear clothes on my daily mood. Sometimes I love to wear black sometimes I prefer light and romantic colors such as pink.

After search my The One tulle skirt, I realized that I don’t want to buy only one tulle skirt, I want in many colors, lengths and styles.

That’s why I started to design my own tulle skirts. I chose fabrics and especially wanted to handmade.

When I started to wear my own designs, many women started to interest about my tulle skirts. That’s why I wanted to design tulle skirts for women all around the world ( You can check my tulle skirt collection from here).

I believe that every women should have tulle skirt and at least once they should wear them on the street without feeling daring.

I wear them on my daily life and I love it so much. They are comfortable, elegant, romantic and feminine. I don’t have to think to combine it so much because I can wear them with simple t-shirt or bodysuit and complete my look with a flat or high heel shoes. Combination is a little bit depend on your style. You can wear them even with boots and leather jacket.