Hello Angels,

January is normally a boom time for gyms, as many of us put health top of our new year resolution list.

Quarantine, social distancing and closure of gyms made hard to exercise. Coronavirus pandemic forced gyms to close in Italy since October and will be closed at least until March.

There are many reasons why you may not want to exercise right now. I would like to share the best tips can help you keep active during these days.

  • Make an exercise plan

Exercise plan is very motivating. Set reasonable goals for stick to your exercise plan.

Be specific in your goals. Don’t aim to ‘ lose a weight’ set a goal such as ‘walk 10.000 steps in the morning.

  • Walk

I was always an active person. One of my favorite activities is walking and  I can walk non stop for hours. Rome is an amazing city for walk and closure of gyms made me discover new walking routes. New routes motivate me walk early in the morning.

  • Youtube videos

Closure of gyms made me research new ways to stay fit. Youtube is full of fitness videos from strenght training to pilates. You can put that video on your tablet or television and get in some amazing exercises. My favorite fitness stars are Pamela Reif,  Mary Braun and get fit by ivana.

  • Dumbbells

If you want to some weight training, you can buy dumbless from online stores.

  • Jump rope

High intensity interval training is very popular right now. Grap a jump rope and find the best jump rope circuit for you and begin.

  • Ice skating

It is a lovely winter exercise that’s fun for family. You can burn a lot of calories in a few minutes.

  • Try something new

Many people feel more comfortable to try new things when no else is watchinf. Always wanted to try dancing, HIIT or barre exercise, so it is a perfect time to try.

  • Create a workout area at home

If you have a available space, design an inviting space to exercise for motavtion. Try using dumbbells and resistance bands.

What is your tip for an active life? Let me know below

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