Hello Angels,

We are officially in winter. Many people hesitate to winter because of the freezing weather but personally I adore it. Some people counting down the days until spring arrives. I believe that it is waste of time. We should be grateful for every second in our lives and we should find something good in every season. Winter season represents cosiness and many beautiful things.

Every season has its own beauty and every season brings something lovely. December is lovely because of the holiday spirit, January is the beginning of the new year, new chapter which is a time to adapt New Year Resolutions and February is the last winter month also there is a February 14 (Valentine’s Day) which is a perfect time to feel love. Everywhere and everything is literally in love theme until Valentine’s Day.

Last winter was different than ever. Because there was no social life and had lockdown. This year still Covid-19 is around the corner but I think there will be less restrictions in Italy because of the Green Pass. This winter we can enjoy and feel the winter spirit. All we need to be careful to our health and the other people’s health.

Do you prefer lockdown or find a way to enjoy in winter?

Maybe the city you live maybe freezing and going out can be challenging. Rome is not very cold and not snowy. It snowed a few years ago and the view was amazing.

It is time to wear clothes that keep you warm and make you look stylish and gather with the people you love. We are in December so every place decorated for Christmas. You can go and enjoy in this beautiful view or you can try new restaurant or go to cinema. If you prefer something more cozy, you can stay at home and chill with the people you love.

Whether the weather is cold or not, there are many reasons to love the winter season. Some of the reasons are;

  • Celebrating the holidays

  • Scented Candles

  • Christmas lights

  • Buying gifts the people we love

  • Hot cocoa

  • Chestnut

  • Stylish sweaters

  • Gathering with the family and friends

  • New Year Resolutions

  • Baking cookies

  • Reading a book or watching movies under a blanket

  • Cozy socks

  • Long winter walks

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Reading a book in bed

If you have any more to add to the list, please do add them in below.

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