Hello Angels,

Hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and home decoration for festive season – let’s prepare winter bucket list and have fun during winter.

I adore winter. In my opinion, there nothing more magical than drinking hot chocolate and watching movies.

Of course, winter is not just about the holidays. After Christmas and New Year, we return our routines.

With the bucket list, you can have a fun winter even after December.

In today’s post, I would like to share the winter bucket list ideas. This list filled with cold weather fun activities. You can get inspired and prepare your own bucket list or follow this one.

  • Host a football night

  • Make homemade hot chocolate

  • Bake cookies

  • Decorate your house

  • Have a movie/tv series marathon

  • Read a book

  • Since we spend so much home at home,

  • Bake a pie

  • Have a family puzzle night

  • Have a karaoke night

  • Go bowling

  • Take a winter walk

  • Go out and take winter photos

  • Discover new city/town/country

  • Buy winter pajama set

  • Try a new restaurant each week

  • Create a playlist for winter

  • Burn candles through the house

  • Have a workout routine

  • Try new type of workout (Yoga, pilates, etc..)

  • Get a festive mani and pedi

  • Go to a Christmas market

  • Make a photo book of all your photos throught the year.

  • Organize your wardrobe and donate things you are not using anymore.

  • Host a chocolate fondue night

  • Go on a winter hike.

  • Spend time with the people you love

  • Go to theatre or opera

  • Visit a museum and exhibition in your city

  • Have a pajama day

  • Try a new recipe each week

  • Do something creative like drawing

  • Try homemade hot chocolate recipes each week

  • Bake a bread

  • Make a dinner with seasonal ingredients

  • Complete a page of coloring book

What is your favorite winter activity? Let me know it below

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