Hello Angels,

Graduation season has arrived. Are you going to attend someone’s graduation?

Being invited to celebrate a family member’s or friend’s graduation is a privilege. You will be excited to cheer up your loved one.

Guests always want to dress their best for this special occasion. Your outfit is important because you are going to celebrate someone’s life event and you certainly wouldn’t like to wear something unapproppriate.

Picking an outfit for someelse’s graduation is like picking an outfit for a wedding.

When the special occassion take place in winter, finding the right outfit seems difficult. There are so many outfit options for winter. All you need to know guidelines for what to wear to a graduation as a guest. There are a few things to know before pick the outfit for graduation.

Choose something comfortable. Your outfit should be simple but formal.  Never wear jeans in this special occasion.

  • A Skater Dress

A skater dress is timeless and approppriate for this special occasion. If you prefer something more elegant, you can consider to go with a little extra details such as lace style.

  • Wide Leg Trousers

It is a statement piece. You can pair it with classic white blouse or long sleeve top.

  • Wrap Dress

Wrap dress is simple and elegant. You can wear it with heels.

  • Midi Skirt

If you prefer something feminine, midi skirt is a good idea. It adds a touch of femininity and classy. You can wear it nude tights.

  • A Pencil Skirt

You can never go wrong with pencil skirt. You can complete your look with long sleeve top and some heels.

  • Accessory

If you think your outfit is too simple, you can complete your look with some accessories such as earring, necklace or belt.

What is your outfit choice for winter graduation ceremony?  Let me know it below

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