Hello Angels,

Do you have a coffee date after gym? Or are you going to have breakfast with your friends?

You can look amazing  even post workout. Celebrities are an example for this. They always captured going somewhere after gym and they manage look stylish.

With just a few simple touches to your winter workout attire, you can go any date or friends meeting with no effort.

In winter time, we should prefer more thicker clothes because of cold weather.

Winter in Rome is not tough but the temperature is very low.

In today’s post, I would like to share winter outfit tips to look stylish after gym.

  • Hoodie sweatshirt with coat and leggings

You can cover your sports bra or top by layering a hoodie sweatshirt and coat.

  • Hat

You can add accessories like hat, sunglasses or scarf.

Leather jacket

If the weather is not very cold, you can opt leather jacket instead of coat or sweatshirt.

Add metallic shades or color

In winter time, many people prefer to wear dark colors such as black. You can add some colors or metallic shades to pop up your gym clothes.

  • Cozy headband

Headbands are very trendy and stylish way to keep your ear warm in freezing windy time.

You can opt materials such as soft fleece.

Long sleeve pullover

There are many stylish pullovers. From cropped to twist one, you can wear with leggings any type you want.

Cropped winter jacket

I love it so much. If the weather is not very cold, you can opt it. It looks amazing with leggings and sneakers.

What is your favorite winter gym outfit for post workout? Let me know it below

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