Hello Angels,

Fashion is important because it impacts on our mood. When you wear something stylish, you will instantly feel better.

Being stylish doesn’t mean wearing high heels and formal dresses.  You can look stylish with simple t-shirt and jeans. It depends on your styling and confidence to yourself.

Loungewear became really popular in 2020 because of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Loungewear was always important for me. Outfit, colors even accessories have huge impact on our mood. I work from home and wearing comfortable but stylish loungewear motivates me and makes me productive.

If you style well, loungewear makes you feel comfortable yet look effortlessly cool.

In winter time (especially in festive time),  working from home can be a little bit challenging . Because everywhere decorated for festive.

Festive decorations in Rome are very lovely. Meeting up with the people I love and eat delicious festive treats are very promising.

For this reason, I should be productive and feel motivated during I work in festive timeJ.

When I work, I wear something comfortable yet sophisticated to motivate myself.

I can assure that investing in high quality loungewear is very important (especially when you work from home). Refresh your home look with stylish new pieces.

In today’s post, I would like to share loungewear ideas for winter.

  • Matching Loungewear sets

With the rise of popularity of loungewear, stylish and comfortable loungewear clothes began to  designed.

There are many lovely loungewear sets. The most popular ones are sweater with wide leg pants and sweater with leggings.

  • Oversized sweatshirt with leggings and bralette

Bralettes are very popular piece. You can wear them as a loungewear to feel sexy and comfortable. You can wear on sweathirt or complete your look with a pair of leggings and home winter boots.

  •  Sweatshirt with knit pants

Knit pants are very popular as loungewear for years. To feel comfortable and polished, you can opt knit pants with sweatshirt, t-shirt or long sleeve top.

  • Cozy cardigan with t-shirt and leggings or joggers

I love cozy maxi cardigans. You can wear your favorite cardigan with joggers and leggings.

  • Cute Pajamas

For a very comfortable look, you can opt pajamas. In festive time, you can opt holiday themed pajamas. They are lovely way to add some fun and comfy to your home look.

  • Winter home boots

Winter home boots are very cute. You keep you warm yet stylish.

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