Hello Angels,

We are officially in winter and it is time to prepare our wardrobe for winter.

Thank God, Rome doesn’t have a freezing weather but still the temperate dips low and need to wear clothes to keep yourself warm.

Last year, sweaters and leggings were very popular because there was no social life and many countries were in lockdown.

Covid-19 restrictions are lower now and it is time give loungewear7sportswear a break.

Many women find hesitating to wear dresses, skirts and shorts during winter because of the weather. Thankfully, our favorite fashion icons give a motivation to be stylish during winter time. Celebrities always manage to pull out the stylish winter street style looks, providng us inspiration for how to stay warm and fashionable.Thanks to social media, we can follow their page to inspire.

  • Turtleneck and Leggings

Every outfit needs a statement piece. If you are not ready to give leggings break you can opt leather ones like Jennifer Lopez and complete your look with a long classic coat.

  • Puffer Jacket and Jeans

If you prefer to keep your look casual and cozy, you can opt puffer jacket with jeans and sneakers like Taylor Hill.

  • Wider Jeans

Katie Holmes was very popular during 2019 in her matchy cashmere bra and cardigan. This time she prefered to wear ultra wide leg jeans with sleek booties and she looks amazing.

One of my favorite Katie Holmes’ fashion look is cut out sweater with leather leggings and boots.

  • Black and White Look

Irina Shayk always look stylish. I adored her black outfit with white heeled boots.

  • Colorful Accessories

I don’t wear bright colors so much but one of my favorite fashion look is colorful accessories. There are plenty of colorful winter accessories such as hat. Kristan Bell’s purple beanie is one of my favorite winter look.

  • Maxi Skirt

Blake Lively’s black maxi skirt is perfect example to look elegant and stay cozy during super cold days and.

What is your favorite celebrity winter fashion look? Let me know it below

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