Hello Angels,

During Covid-19, many people had to work from home. I thought that everyone will be grateful for this but most of people were not satisfied at all. Many people I know is very glad to return their workplace.

I have a online store that’s why I work from home for five years and I am glad for it. It has real advantages. When the people I know complained me about working from home, I decided to examine about it.

The first thing I realized that they didn’t have a work programme. Some workplaces had a online meeting at nine even eleven o’clock at night also when they go to physical office, they were taking care of their physical appearance and clothes but at home they just didn’t care.

Commute time their lunch break and working programme was designated  but when they started to work from home they mixed up their home life and work life. That’s why they sabotaged their creativity and productivity.

Comfort of home can contribute to a better working life. All you need to balance your home life with work life.

There is no magic formula because everybody is different. Finding a right solution takes a little bit time.

When I established my online store, I didn’t have any work schedule. I tried many different schdules and I found more than one right schedule. My schedule shows flexibility depending on the situation on that day.

What five years at home has taught me is this: You should make a simple plan so you can stay on schedule easily.

We are creatures of habit. Whether we admit it or not  there is about habits that allows us to enter the right mindset.

Here are the tips for work from home

  • Take breaks

  • Set typical working hours and keep it

  • Organize your workplace

  • Plan your tasks

  • Do the harderst thing first

  • Don’t check yor work email or phone first thing in the morning. Give yourself time to eat breakfast

  • Put on real clothes – Real clothes make you feel professional and ready to work.

  • Exercise- If you are a morning person, exercise or go for a walk before start your work.

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