Hello Angels,

I understood importance of work-life balance when I founded my online store. If you are working from home and trying to reach many people with your online business, you may not have a work-life balance  in the first months (frankly, I hadn’t).

I established my business willingly. It was my dream and I established it one of the best cities in the world, Rome.

In the first months I stressed so much and I put pressure on myself. I was inexperienced and I was very ambitious about my business.

I didn’t have a work-life balance and it started to consume me. Unfortunately I wasn’t even aware of it.

My mother realized it and she helped me to find balance between my work and my personal life.

When I was at university, gym was my place of relaxation. My mother  forced me to restart to go to gym.

First days of the gym, I was not happy and when I was returning to home, I was complaining to my mother.

A few weeks later, I started to relax and love it. Frankly, gym helped me to find balance betweem work and life.

You don’t have to start to go to gym for work- life balance. The idea of ‘balance’ varies from person to person. If you are not sure how to find balance, you can try this tips.

  • Accept there is no perfect balance between work and life

Don’t push yourself for schedule for balance between work and life. Some days you can have an energy for work while other days you might have an energy to spend time to your favorite activities.

The most important thing is you should take time and have some self care ideas everyday.

  • Set work hours

If you are working from home and have a online business like me, set work hours. First months of my business, I didn’t have any work hours and I was full working without taking care myself. I can assure that it is not healthy and it is not motivating. The exact opposite you become stressed, unhappy and unproductive.

  • Prioritize your physical and mental health

Without health, you can’t be productive or happy. Recent years, depression and anxiety are increasing and if you overwork without take care yourself, it may have health consequences.

You can exercise, walk at least 30 minutes everyday, read a book, etc.

  • Take breaks

You should take a break at least 10 minutes. It helps you to concentrate and make you productive and motivated.

  • Set achievable goals

Set achievable goals for productivity and work-life balance. If you set a goal like I am going to design 100 clothes everyday. It will make you feel stressed and you will not have a time for yourself and loved ones.

Priorities things to do and analyze your to do list.

  • Start small

You can have a work-life balance with small steps. Let’s say you always absent from your family dinner. You can start to attend the dinner slowly. First start with two evenings a week.

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