Maxi Blue Tulle Skirt


Material : Tulle
Color: Blue
Lenght: 122 Cm
Waist: 69 cm for small size and74 cm for medium size


Love in Rome’s tulle skirts designed by Melis Acar.

Love in Rome’s maxi tulle skirt is the perfect for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies and graduation with its timeless design. The layered tulle skirt adds a magical voluminous effect, creating a princess look. The lightweight fabric compliments your body. Tulle skirt is the most versatile type of skirt.You can style any tulle skirt effortlessy.

Combine it with a fitted bodice to accentuate your waistline.

You can pair timeless maxi tulle skirt with t-shirt, crop top or bralette to twist on traditional look in modern look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can pick colorful maxi tulle skirt such as purple.

In Fall and Winter time, you can wear it with long sleeve top or oversized sweater.

Tulle skirt is a worthy wardrobe investment. Every woman should have at least one tulle skirt.

From mini to maxi, you can find all types of tulle skirts on Love in Rome.

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